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The Nishino Method®  Headquarters

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Unique Experiences at the Nishino Method® Headquarters: A Transformative Journey

Twenty-three years ago, I embarked on a life-changing journey with the Nishino Breathing Method®, guided by my Japanese father-in-law, a devoted practitioner and Tai Chi Chuan master. Early on, I experienced the profound effects of Sokushin Breathing and Karin exercises, which brought me unparalleled relaxation and vitality within just 20 minutes. Motivated by this initial exposure, I later regularly traveled to Tokyo to deepen my understanding of NBM®. As a medical student, my experiences at the Nishino School challenged and expanded my scientific perspectives, showcasing the method's immediate and transformative impact on both mind and body. I am immensely grateful to Master Kōzō Nishino, whose teachings have positively affected countless lives, including my own. As both a practitioner and a medical doctor, I am convinced of the method's significant benefits to mental and physical health, and the joy it brings is beyond words. After participating in the Headquarters' training in February 2023, I noticed a pivotal shift in the teaching approach. The instruction remained true to Nishino Sensei's foundational principles but was delivered with unprecedented detail and accessibility, making the practice more effective and enjoyable. The introduction of new exercises, particularly in non-verbal communication (Taiki), greatly enhanced the learning experience. The training environment at the Headquarters is uniquely focused on the learners, promoting an open and generous exchange of knowledge. This approach, spearheaded by Master Kitamura, Master Nishino's closest disciple, reflects a commitment to transparency and student-centered learning. Master Kitamura's professionalism, dedication, and warmth make the practice at the Headquarters not only effective but also deeply human and inspiring. In summary, the Nishino Breathing Method® Headquarters offers a welcoming and enriching environment for anyone seeking to explore the internal arts. The teaching philosophy of "no secrets" ensures high-quality instruction and a community where centering the mind and accessing the "physical now" becomes a straightforward and immediate experience. - Dr. Timur Ucmak

Kozo Nishinos Buch, Book of Kozo Nishino, Englisch, Breath of Life

The Breath of Life
Using the Power of Ki for Maximum Vitality

Kozo Nishino

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The Nishino Breathing Method Training Manual, Buch, Book
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