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Regaining Vitality with Three main exercises


Sokushin Breathing Technique

The Sokushin Breathing Technique represents a special exercise that combines various techniques into an extremely effective and practical method. It harmoniously blends an inner perception process with conscious breathing in motion. It is noteworthy that scientific studies have demonstrated a significant positive impact on psychological well-being with similar perception exercises. During the exercise, the practitioner undergoes a type of body scan, starting from the feet up to the head and back again. During this process, special body positions are adopted, leading to extremely efficient relaxation and improved breathing. Simultaneously, an easily learnable breathing technique is applied. This combination gives the exercise its uniqueness and efficiency, enabling enhanced body awareness, rapid and deep relaxation, as well as improved regeneration. This technique is more than just a breathing exercise – it is a key to enhancing our life energy and vitality in everyday life.

Atemübung, Breathing method, Tenyu, Relax, Nishino Breathing Method
Atemübung, Nishino Breathing Method
Atemübung, Nishino Breathing Method


Karin Swinging and Breathing

A key aspect of this technique is the harmonious swinging and relaxing movements. In practicing the Karin swinging exercises, one can observe how tensions are holistically released and the body gains suppleness. Many practitioners report that after just a few swinging exercises, they naturally enter a meditative state, almost as if it happens by itself. Additionally, the rotations precisely adjust many muscles, creating a sensation of a clear, vertical inner axis. This is of great importance for later Taiki exercise. In summary, this technique offers a simple and universally applicable form of movement that can provide direct and, above all, conscious access to our vitality centers.

Swinging and Breathing, Schwingen und Atmen, Relaxation, Entspannung, Nishino Breathing Method


Taiki non-verbal Communication

The Taiki exercise is a kind of litmus test for the method. Here, you communicate your newly gained vitality in a partner exercise. This interaction can be so intense that it provokes physical reactions like laughter, shouting, or rapid movements, such as sudden running. These exercises prove to be an objectively measurable experience of relaxation. The result is a wonderfully pleasant feeling of refreshment, coupled with a simultaneous sensation of grounding. For newcomers to the Nishino Method®, the Taiki exercise may initially present a challenge. However, this initial difficulty quickly subsides once the participants experience the powerful reaction first-hand and intuitively realize that this force is completely natural, extremely beneficial, and positively spills into everyday life. Particularly fascinating is that within a few seconds, the positive effects of the previous individual exercises are significantly enhanced. This leads to an intense experience of joy, energy, and relaxation all at once.

non-verbal Communication, non verbale Kommunikation, Partnerübung, Push-hands, push hands, partner exercise, Nishino Breathing Method
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