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Fascinating Japanese Breathing Technique

Experience the dynamic power of Ki in daily life

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The Method

Nishino Breathing Method® is an effective method for regaining vitality and bringing genuine joy into everyday life. This technique promotes understanding and awareness of the vibrant "Ki" (Japanese for life energy). Once you connect with your newly discovered inner strength, you recognize its naturalness and accessibility in daily life. A particular advantage of this method is its reproducibility and the objective demonstrability of its positive effects. The founder has published numerous scientific studies that substantiate these positive impacts. The exercises are simple to perform, require no special equipment, and are suitable for all age groups. With the three main techniques – a special breathing technique, trunk rotation exercises, and non-verbal signal communication – you open up new paths to significantly improve body awareness. This activation of body intelligence overall enhances mental and physical well-being. The practice of Nishino Breathing Method® is applied in various fields, whether for therapists, artists, teachers, negotiators, martial artists, or personal development.

Kozon Nishino, founder of Nishino Breathing

Master Kozo Nishino

Master Kozo Nishino was born in 1926 in Osaka, Japan. While still studying medicine, Kozo Nishino began classical ballet training, eventually becoming a dancer, choreographer, and head of the Nishino Ballet Troupe. He then studied Aikido under the renowned master Kisshomaru Ueshiba Doshu (son of the Aikido founder) and Kung Fu. Integrating his knowledge across various disciplines (medicine, ballet, and martial arts), Kozo Nishino developed the Nishino Ki Energy Nishino Breathing Method®. In 1985, he founded the Nishinojuku (Nishino Breathing Method® School) in Osaka and Tokyo, and taught there himself until his 92nd year. Kozo Nishino's discoveries in the field of Ki energy are considered groundbreaking and have inspired thousands of people worldwide. His works and teaching methods set standards not only in energetic practice but also in the way we understand and utilize life energy (Ki). Nishino Sensei, at the age of 94, bid us farewell in 2021.


Dr. Yoshihiro Kitamura (MD)

Dr. Yoshihiro Kitamura is the Director and Chief Head Coach of The Nishino Breathing Method® Headquarters. He is among the first and closest disciples of Master Kozo Nishino. In addition to his decades-long dedication to the Nishino Breathing Method® and his daily role as the Chief Head Coach, he also operates a clinic. He founded "The Nishino Breathing Method® Headquarters," the official inheritor of the Nishino Breathing Method®. It was established in August 2022 in Shibuya, the birthplace of the technique. The Headquarters aims to further spread the Nishino Breathing Method® throughout Japan and globally. They provide the best conditions for learning the Nishino Method in the fastest and most effective way.

Timur Arzt Foto_edited.jpg

Dr. Timur Ucmak (MD)

Dr. Timur Ucmak (MD), born in 1978 in Munich, is a specialist in General Internal Medicine (FMH) with a specialization in Medical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In addition to medicine, he studied Chinese Kung Fu at the Ti-Yu-Xue University in Shanghai and at the Wuyuan School in Munich. He also made several trips to Japan during his medical studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University under the direction of the renowned Tai Chi pioneer Master Toyo Kobayashi, and visited the Nishino Breathing Method® Technique School there. After completing his medical studies, he lived in Tokyo to intensify and refine the Nishino Breathing Method® practice. After many years of intensive research and training, Dr. Ucmak received a rare honor: he was personally authorized by Master Kozo Nishino as the first non-Japanese to teach the Nishino Breathing Method® outside of Japan. Additionally, he received certification as a Senior Instructor from Yoshihiro Kitamura, M.D., Director and Chief Head Coach of The Nishino Breathing Method® Headquarters.


Prof. Toshihiro Nukiwa, Leiter des Expertenteams, internationaler Instruktor für Nishino Breathing, Nishino Breathing Method

Prof. Dr. Toshihiro Nukiwa (MD)
Head of the Expert Team

Prof. Dr. Toshihiro Nukiwa, Professor Emeritus of Pulmonology at Tohoku University in Japan, is the former Director of the Japanese Society for Respiratory Diseases. He has been practicing the Nishino Breathing Method® for 35 years and was personally awarded as an International Senior Instructor of this method by Kozo Nishino. Prof. Nukiwa leads a scientific expert team comprising numerous physicians and other scientists, including Dr. Timur Ucmak. His main concern as the team leader is the scientific investigation and explanation of the phenomenon of "Ki life force." The expert team agrees that the unique and positive effects of the Nishino Breathing Method® Techniques should ideally be explored through personal experience. Simultaneously, the team emphasizes the need to scientifically analyze and illuminate these phenomena. The main goal is to demonstrate that the activation of the so-called life energy has measurable physical correlates. This means that this process should be explainable through human physiology and thus made understandable to everyone. Furthermore, it should be emphasized that the positive effects on mental and physical health are not exclusively reserved for certain groups with specific traditions or beliefs. Instead, these methods should be accessible to all who are interested, particularly those who wish to actively and practically improve their quality of life. The Nishino Breathing Method® does not focus on belief systems, as its techniques are reproducible and verifiable. They resemble a physical code or algorithm that can be learned and used to continually activate vitality. The scientific exploration of these techniques contributes to a clearer understanding and could potentially gain attention in medicine in the future. Prof. Nukiwa's investigations and hypotheses on this topic are groundbreaking.

Buch, Stethoskop, Sinnbild für das Forschen, Wissenschaft, Nishino Breathing Method

Yoshihiro Kitamura, M.D.

Director and Chief Head Coach

The Nishino Method Headquarters

Announcement of Dr. Timur Ucmak's Achievements and Expansion of the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ in Switzerland It is with immense pleasure that I announce Dr. Timur Ucmak, a Certified Senior Instructor of the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ, has launched his new official website for Nishino Swiss-Zurich. He is dedicated to broadening the reach of this unique Japanese breathing technique, developed by our founder Kōzō Nishino, in both Switzerland and Germany. As the Director and Chief Head Coach at the Nishino Method Headquarters, I have had the privilege of observing Dr. Ucmak's profound dedication and zeal for mastering this technique firsthand for the past 24 years. Since the inception of Nishino Juku, the former school for the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ, in 1985, it has welcomed over one million participants to its classes. Dr. Ucmak's first encounter with Nishino Juku came at a time when the Method was gaining rapid recognition across Japan and globally through mass media. Dr. Ucmak embarked on his long journey from Germany to Japan in 2000 with the goal of understanding and practicing the Method. Prioritizing Nishino above his medical career, he has shown unwavering commitment to the practice over the last 24 years, a dedication I deeply respect. The challenge of traveling to another country to learn and master a discipline is considerable, yet Dr. Ucmak has visited Japan over 30 times, dedicating more than 1000 hours to training. His unparalleled determination led our late founder Kōzō Nishino to recognize Dr. Ucmak as the first instructor outside Japan. Since 2007, he has been actively promoting Nishino in Germany and Switzerland, teaching numerous students. Following the establishment of the new Headquarters in 2022, we have taken formal steps to inherit and disseminate the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ globally. At our Headquarters, we are innovating while remaining true to the essence of the Method. The practice between founder Kōzō Nishino and a few disciples over 40 years ago encapsulated the core of the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ. We now offer special classes at the Headquarters to meticulously practice the fundamentals of breathing, attracting a growing number of repeaters and new students from across Japan and abroad. Dr. Ucmak has excelled in adopting and mastering our new initiatives swiftly. In the certification renewal examination held in March 2024, he showcased flawless techniques, leaving the examiners in awe. The most remarkable aspect was the intense energy radiating from his being, capable of leaving a profound impression and moving many. This, I firmly believe, is the Ki energy, or vital life force, that our founder Kōzō Nishino was seeking, and it can be acquired by the proper practice, as demonstrated by Dr. Ucmak. I am confident that Dr. Ucmak will remain a pivotal figure in promoting the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ worldwide. I envision Switzerland and Germany becoming key hubs where more individuals can learn this powerful Method, leading enriched lives through their practice. Under Dr. Ucmak's guidance, I look forward to the continued growth of Nishino Swiss-Zurich.

Our method through the eyes of our participants

Yves, participant, participant voice

My daily life feels more satisfied, intense, and connected - Yves

Before I discovered Nishino Breathing Method®, my life, in hindsight, was like watching a 2D movie. I was there, yet somehow I wasn't. After years of practicing Nishino Breathing Method®, I feel like I'm in the middle of a 3D movie. My daily life feels more satisfied, intense, and connected. Inner peace, trust, and a sense of lightness and effortlessness bring joy to my life every day. Wonderful!

Anita, participant, participant voice

My health has noticeably improved - Anita

At the beginning, the Nishino Breathing Method® exercises were physically very good for me and my health noticeably improved. The longer I practiced, the more holistically I experienced Nishino Breathing Method®. It now manifests itself in all areas of life and contributes a lot to a positive attitude towards life. What's wonderful is that I can practice Nishino Breathing Method® anytime and anywhere and that new, valuable insights are gained every time in Timur Ucmak's lessons. When practicing in a group and alone I feel so much energy, joy, love and gratitude...what could be better 😊

Mümin, participant, participant voice

Real laughter, unbridled joy and deep, lasting insights - Gabriel

With Dr. Ucmak I've been learning for years now and don't even think about stopping! Real laughter, unbridled joy and deep, lasting insights into the energetic nature of our bodies - WONDERFUL!! The practice has now had such a healing and inspiring effect on my life that I can no longer imagine life without it. Everyday work life, family life, even nature experiences are enriched in such a way that they really have something to do with me again, are in deep connection with me.

Tabea picture.png

Nishino Breathing has changed my life - Tabea

The Nishino Breathing Method® class is the highlight of my week, I am always happy to practice with the group and I am grateful that Timur Ucmak is our teacher. He teaches us with a lot of passion and passes on his valuable knowledge. Nishino Breathing Method® has changed my life, especially my mental health and daily well-being. For me it is the best method against overthinking. Anyone who has ever experienced the power of Nishino Breathing Method® cannot get enough of it!


Effervescent joy and passion - Michaela

What the Nishino Breathing Method® teaches me is to listen inward again and not to be distracted by the everyday noise. It is Dr. Ucmak's immense presence, his effervescent joy and passion for teaching and learning alike, his devotion to Nishino Breathing Method® and to each one of us, that creates a resonance. It has also made practicing alone at home a part of my daily routine. The exploration and listening have found a permanent place in my life. For this, I am deeply grateful.

Katja bild_edited_edited.jpg

Vitalizing and liberating - Katja

When I practice, I experience vitality - within me and around me. The mood during practice is often liberating – like a pane or something like a constant speaking in the head, which separates me from being, disappears. Timur's guidance is so clear yet friendly and encouraging for every practitioner, allowing a playful mood and a joy of experimenting to spread. In everyday life, the practice seems to make contact with other people easier and often more beautiful: I quickly feel relaxed and familiar.

Nicole neu Bild_edited.jpg

I feel full of power, energy, and zest for life - Nicole

For me, the practice sessions are my highlight. Afterwards, I feel full of power, energy, and zest for life. Timur Ucmak is a teacher who introduces us to this wonderful breathing technique from his heart and continually motivates us to explore the secret of life energy. I am filled with gratitude to be a part of the wonderful Nishino Breathing Method® family and for how it has enriched my life.


It works with such an effect that is truly exhilarating - Jenny

Nishino Breathing Method® from the perspective of a mother of two young children and a primary school teacher: I often drag myself to Nishino Breathing Method® class in the evening with my last ounce of strength and come out of the training relaxed, at peace with myself, and mentally alert. How exactly this works, I still haven't figured out. Yet, it works with such an effect that is truly exhilarating.

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